Kinesthetic Learning Strategies

Activities to Help Tactile Learners

kinesthetic learning activities

What are the Best Kinesthetic Learning Strategies?

There are a number of kinesthetic learning strategies that can really help tactile learners to reach their potential. Here are some of the best learning strategies for students of this type. Action-Based Classes A kinesthetic learner has a strong drive to explore material through doing and to move periodically. For both of these reasons, they [...]

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Kinesthetic Learning Strategies for Various Subjects

We have looked at some general kinesthetic learning strategies that can really benefit tactile learners. But how can we apply these in the context of specific subjects? Here we will explore some learning strategies for students of the kinesthetic learning style that can help them master material in different areas.

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The Kinesthetic Learner vs. Tactile Learners

On this blog, in the course of discussing kinesthetic learning strategies, we often talk about the kinesthetic learner as if he or she is no different from tactile learners. Is this the case? This is a topic on which there is some disagreement.

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